With containers, microservices and functions interweaving through modern application design, diligence is necessary to make sure you’re successfully navigating when to use containers and functions as application packaging technologies and how to employ post-deployment techniques. Wrangling with Container Management? Read on.

This talk was presented at Developer Week Austin 2018. Characteristics such as portability, highly efficient sharing of system resources and broad support have made containers an increasingly popular choice. Mitigating Challenges through Automation and Orchestration? Read on.

As someone interested in modern software design, you have likely heard of service mesh architectures in context of microservices. Service meshes introduce a new layer into modern infrastructures, offering the potential for creating robust and scalable applications and granular control over them. Is a service mesh right for you? Find out with my new book.

Working with Istio? Learn how to customize it to mesh along with your architectural needs.

It’s a great time to be in Information Technology.” While this is a true statement, not everyone clearly understands why (or perhaps, has the fortitude to make it so). In the face of a massive movement to public cloud many in IT feel their value in the workplace eroding along with their identity. This feeling doesn’t need to be reality. Businesses are changing the way they operate and are transforming to leverage information technology more strategically. IT has a real opportunity to lead this transformation, not let the transformation happen to them.