• Automatically Tentatively Add Calendar Events in Microsoft Entourage
    If you're looking for a way to automatically tentatively accept calendar events upon receipt in Microsoft Entourage, there's a calendar preference option defined to perform just this behavior...
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  • Characterizing and Contrasting Container Orchestrators at OpenStack Summit Container Day
    Presented at OpenStack Summit Austin 2016 Container Day.
  • Cloud Native Ambassadors and Docker Captains navigate users through the container ecosystem
    Navigating the container ecosystem can be confusing. Deciding where to dip your toes is challenging for those stepping into container and microservices waters. Even those who have already ventured knee-deep still wade through many questions as they progress in their cloud native journey. To help them guide them through the ecosystem, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) recently launched a Cloud Native Ambassadors program at its inaugural CloudNativeDay in Toronto.
  • Container Networking: A Breakdown, Explanation and Analysis
    While many gravitate toward network overlays as a popular approach to addressing container networking across hosts, the functions and types of container networking vary greatly and are worth better understanding as you consider the right type for your environment.
  • Contrasting Swarmkit, Kubernetes, Mesos+Marathon
    Presented at LinuxCon+ContainerCon, August 2016. Includes Swarm 1.12, Kubernetes, Mesos+Marathon.
  • Contributing to Prometheus: An Open Source Tutorial
    Recently adopted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit, focused on supporting the operation of microservices and containers. Like any open source project, it can be augmented with additional capabilities.
  • Create a Send to Mail Recipient in Mac OS X using Automator Workflow
    Are you a Windows-convert and miss the ability to right-click on a file and choose "Send to Mail Recipient"? Look no further, Automator is here. I can't recall just how often I made use of Windows Explorer's context menu selection "Send Mail to Recipient", but know that it was enough to leave me wanting after switching to Mac OS X.
  • Create Great CNCF User-Base from Lessons Learned from Other Open Source Communities
    Presented at CloudNativeCon+KubeCon EU, March, 2017.
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  • Developer-defined application delivery
    Cloud-native applications are designed to draw upon the performance, scalability, and reliability benefits of distributed systems. Unfortunately, distributed systems often come at the cost of added complexity. As individual components of your application are distributed across networks, and those networks have communication gaps or experience degraded performance, your distributed application components need to continue to function independently.
  • Dockercon EU 2015 Recap
    A brief recap of the Docker, Docker, Docker highlights from Dockercon EU 2015. Presented at Docker Austin.
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  • Firefox PDF Plugin for Mac OS X
    Despite my love for Firefox, I sorely miss the ability to view PDFs in my web browser. I was pleased to learn of the Firefox-Mac-PDF plugin for Firefox 3, which allows for the same inline PDF viewing found in Safari.
  • From Engines to Orchestrators
    An introduction to container runtimes (engines) and an understanding of when container orchestrators enter and what role they play. We’ll look at what makes them alike, yet unique.
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  • Going Native with OpenStack Centric Applications: Murano
    Murano is an OpenStack-native application catalog that allows application developers and cloud administrators to publish applications in a categorized catalog to be perused and deployed by application consumers. The selection of applications available within the catalog is intended to be that of released versions (ready-state) of applications (cloud-native or enterprise-architected), not application versions that are mid-development. Ideally, these are applications ready to be consumed and run by application users.
  • Going Native with OpenStack Centric Applications: Overview
    Cloud infrastructure is useless without applications running atop, providing business serviOpenStack Applicationsces and solving customer needs. So, as applications ascend to the throne as the rightful king of cloud, focus sharpens on their support within OpenStack-based clouds.
  • Growing a Community - Leveraging Meetups to Educate, Grow and Facilitate
    Presented at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2016 on Nov. 9th, 2016
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  • How To Archive Entourage 2008 Mail using Multiple Identities
    The measly 350MB mailbox quota allotted by my corporate IT department has me being creative with the storage of my email. Many of the other information workers I know suffer the same plight. If you are a Microsoft Entourage (the Mac OS X cousin to Microsoft Outlook) like me, I hope this how-to helps assuage your mail storage, archival and backup woes.
  • How to capture screenshots in Mac OS X with keyboard shortcuts
    While some folks may find the Grab application handy, I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts to take pictures of the screen in Mac OS X. Here are a few ways to quickly snapshot your desktop.
  • How to create an avatar/gravatar for blogs
    A few easy steps can get your custom image on gravatar-enabled blogs.
  • How to disable My Day in Entourage
    When you install Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, My Day conveniently adds itself to your list of applications to start up at login and pops-up in the upper-right hand corner of your screen each time you log into your Mac. If you'd like to get prevent My Day from starting up at login there are a couple ways to get rid of it.
  • How to Remove the iSync (MobileMe) icon from Menu Bar
    How to remove the iSync (or MobileMe icon) from your Mac OS X menu bar.
  • How to reserve a conference room in Entourage 2008 Calendar
    While Entourage does not support the same resource booking functionality that Outlook does, I’m able to successfully schedule conference rooms in Entourage. Here's how.
  • How to start or stop Microsoft Entourage on Login (on Boot)
    How to set Microsoft Entourage of Office 2008 for Mac automatically start on login into Mac OS X.
  • How to View Multiple Microsoft Entourage Calendars Side-by-Side
    Do you have trouble figuring out whether a co-worker's calendar is free/busy when trying to schedule a meeting? If you'd like to view multiple Microsoft Entourage Calendars at the same time, here's how.
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  • Kubernetes community gathers for inaugural European edition of KubeCon
    While a hot topic at various conferences, Kubernetes is the sole technological focus at KubeCon, a conference dedicated to education and community engagement of Kubernauts (Kubernetes enthusiasts).
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  • Powering Microservices & Sockets with Nginx and Kubernetes
    Microservices present challenges of coordination, SSL termination and socket connection among others. Looking to different cloud providers to assist with their load-balancers leaves you wanting as features socket connection support, SSL termination and geo-distributed load-balancing are often absent.
  • Protocol Comparison: NETCONF versus Cisco WSMA
    Herein lies a comparison of two similar, embedded network configuration management protocols: Cisco's Web Services Management Agent (WSMA) and NETCONF. This comparative analysis is broken down into different functional categories, each containing a category winner (based on my own opinion). This analysis is taken from a Cisco device-centric perspective.
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  • Quickly Create Calendar Events from Email in Entourage
    If you frequently receive email that needs to be followed-up with a meeting, here's a Microsoft Entourage calendaring shortcut you'll love - Create Event from Message. See an example of how to use it in this how-to article.
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  • Redfish slipstreams IPMI with 1.0 release
    Last week, I was delighted to join in heralding the announcement the release of the Redfish 1.0 specification and highlight Seagate’s support of this emerging systems management API standard. For those unfamiliar with this newly minted, industry API specification, understand that Redfish is a standard for data center and systems management that delivers improved performance, functionality, scalability and security. Designed to meet the expectations of end users for simple and interoperable management of modern scalable platform hardware, Redfish takes advantage of widely-used technologies to speed implementation and help system administrators be more effective.
  • Renewing my energy at SolarWinds
    Headquartered in what has become my hometown, SolarWinds shares a campus with AMD in the southwestern corner of Austin.
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  • The Container Networking Landscape: CNI from CoreOS and CNM from Docker
    There are two proposed standards for configuring network interfaces for Linux containers: the container network model (CNM) and the container network interface (CNI). Networking is complex, and there are many ways to deliver functionality. Arguments can be made as to which one is easier to adopt than the next, or which one is less tethered to their benefactor’s technology.
  • The Hybrid Evolution of IT
    It’s a great time to be in Information Technology.” While this is a true statement, not everyone clearly understands why (or perhaps, has the fortitude to make it so). In the face of a massive movement to public cloud many in IT feel their value in the workplace eroding along with their identity. This feeling doesn’t need to be reality. Businesses are changing the way they operate and are transforming to leverage information technology more strategically. IT has a real opportunity to lead this transformation, not let the transformation happen to them.
  • Troubleshooting Free/Busy Times in Microsoft Entourage
    Having trouble viewing free/busy times when scheduling meetings in the Microsoft Entourage calendar? If you cannot see other people's availability when inviting them to a meeting, you'll want to confirm the following settings...
  • 22 new concerns added to Docker security benchmark
    Collaborators working under governance of the Center for Internet Security released the second version of the Docker Security Benchmark in conjunction with the Docker 1.11.0 release.
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  • Understanding and Extending Prometheus AlertManager
    Understanding and Extending Prometheus AlertManager - at talk presented at CloudNativeCon + KubeCon EU 2017.
  • Understanding Container Networking
    Understanding Container Networking.