As you learn of the architecture and value provided by service meshes, you’re intrigued and initially impressed. Upon reflection, you, like many others think: “I see the value, but what overhead does being on the mesh incur?”

Complicating the answer is the fact that there are over 10 service meshes projects to choose from. While this presentation does not take an in-depth look at the landscape of service meshes, it does introduce Meshery as a utility for both benchmarking service mesh performance and provides a playground for familiarizing with the various features of different service meshes.

Service Meshes, but at what cost? from Lee Calcote

This talk was delivered at Service Mesh Day 2019.

Meshery - Service Mesh Day 2019

In many companies, open source programs start informally with a group of diligent engineers and a few legal people. The ad-hoc group soon realizes it needs a more formal program to scale to address the litany of important issues and achieve specific business goals. With such an office in place, businesses can establish and execute on their open source strategies in clear terms, giving their leaders, developers, marketers, and other staff the tools they need to make open source a success within their operations. In this talk, I discussed:

  • Why to create an open source program office.
  • The role of the open source program office.
  • Open source programs at prominent technology companies.
  • How to establish an open source office.
  • Program structure and management roles.
  • Setting policy, processes and goals.
  • Measuring and monitoring success.

This talk was presented at InnoTech Austin 2018. Slides below –

open slides

This talk was presented at DeveloperWeek Austin 2018 as an introduction to the concept of Docker containers.


open slides

This talk was presented at InnoTech San Antonio 2018 as a perspective of what it means to be Cloud Native – from containers to functions. See the full-size animated gif.


Presented at SolarWinds Innovate Summit 2017.