How to set Microsoft Entourage of Office 2008 for Mac automatically start on login into Mac OS X.

If you frequently receive email that needs to be followed-up with a meeting, here's a Microsoft Entourage calendaring shortcut you'll love - Create Event from Message. See an example of how to use it in this how-to article.

When you install Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, My Day conveniently adds itself to your list of applications to start up at login and pops-up in the upper-right hand corner of your screen each time you log into your Mac. If you'd like to get prevent My Day from starting up at login there are a couple ways to get rid of it.

Are you a Windows-convert and miss the ability to right-click on a file and choose "Send to Mail Recipient"? Look no further, Automator is here. I can't recall just how often I made use of Windows Explorer's context menu selection "Send Mail to Recipient", but know that it was enough to leave me wanting after switching to Mac OS X.

While Entourage does not support the same resource booking functionality that Outlook does, I’m able to successfully schedule conference rooms in Entourage. Here's how.